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Find out here what's on offer at the Smishoeve. Like wellness, playground, play area, campfire.... .



A safe playground, shielded on the property. With swing, tramoline,slide. There is also a sun terrace for parents. Water games can also be played here

There are several animals to admire on the farm. Chickens, ducks and their chicks, a cat, dog, pigs with their piglets. You can also spot sheep, lambs, goats, donkeys in the adjacent meadows.

Pamper yourself and take a sauna session, it costs 35€/2 hr. session.

Or free if you have booked the full accommodation.

A great success is our playroom.

Open from 8 am to 10 pm.

A darts, foosball table, arcade game console with 2100 games from the 80s-90s.

20 Flemish folk games.

Board games, blocks puzzles, comics, lego, playmobile, .... . 

Together around a campfire, super cozy.

Or a fire bowl at your home.

Bring your own wood or buy it here.

Here you can enjoy the fire until late at night

Always a success among little and big kids.

There are 3 models available.

These are free to use.

A covered hangar with a bar.

Ideal for a group of friends to spend the evening partying together here. 

It can also serve to sit nice and dry or out of the sun, or BBQ.

Free to use if you book the entire accommodation.

Electric cargo bike for 2 kids to use. 


Autonomy of 40km. You get the charger with it.

There are several bike routes you can start from here.

The best pizzas are baked in a garden pizza oven.

Super cozy also as an experience.

Cost is 25€ incl wood.


In the large oven you can also bake cake, bread, ... bake, ask for it

There is a BBQ provided at each cottage. bring your own charcoal. 

Pay 5€ and we will clean it for you.

You can also rent the BBQ trailer on gas and lava stones. This costs € incl gas and cleaning costs.


You can also order a BBQ, then we arrange everything for you , cost around 25€/pp, with everything in it, only for groups.

20 Flemish folk games for hours of fun.

Do a tournament among yourselves.

There are 2 or 3 walking loops passing by here at the smishoeve . of 5.8 km.


The castle of Heers is also worthwhile, there is also a nice walking route there.


For your convenience, you can find numerous hiking trails in the play area.

In the vegetable garden there is a willow teepee ideal for meditation or yoga.

Group discussions are also fun here.

Farmstead products, naturally pure

-Honey 9€.

-Apple/pear syrup 5€.

-Apple juice 9€/3Liter

-Pork meat 12 a15 €/kg

Farmhouse breakfast. from 2 persons.

18€Per person.

Consisting of 

Apple juice/ chocolate drink, coffee,tea, milk.

Treacle, chocolate, jam.

Cheese, ham or salami.

Brown or white bread, raisins and choco bread.

Boiled egg.

Yohurt and or fruit.

Breakfast can be customized on site.

Outdoor games

-Tug of War

-Sack jumping



-Basketball ring

-Celt running

-Hula hoop


-Pavement chalk


-Viking cub


Petanque court and balls available

A unique walk, starting from the smishoeve with sweet goats and their attendant.

 0493 889728, please contact her directly.

Price from 35€.

Hot-tub 50€ or free if you booked the complieg accommodation.

This is on the terrace of "The House of the Raven" and can only be used if you have also booked this accommodation.

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