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The 5 residences

Gemeenschappelijke ruimte
gemeenschappelijke ruimte, volledig uitgeruste keuken
Gemeenschappelijke ruimte met volledig uitgeruste keuken
gemeenschappelijke ruimte, keuken, zitplek
gemeenschappelijke ruimte met 20 tal zitplekken
gemeenschappelijke ruimte met caféspelen
gemeenschappelijke ruimte kinderspelletjes en lounge
gemeenschappelijk terras
Kampvuur plek in groentetuin
darts en arcade spelcomputer met 2100 spelletjes uit de jaren 80 en 90

Carp studio

Double bed,

2 single beds,

1 sofa bed.

Equipped kitchen.

Sitting area with TV.

Bathroom with shower

Own terrace and parking

Total for 4 to 6 people

60 m²

Pipo wagon

Only in spring and summer.

Looks nice in the vegetable garden.

Double bed.

Seating area.


Terrace and parking.

Max 2 persons


Fox's den

Bedroom with 2 single personsourbeds  

and a place with bunk beds.

Living space with TV.

Equipped kitchen

Bathroom, bath/shower.

Own terrace and parking.

Max 4 persons.


Pipo wagon

Only in spring and summer.

Looks nice in the vegetable garden.

Double bed.

Seating area.


Terrace and parking.

Max 2 persons


Eagle's nest

Double bed


Sitting area with TV

Bathroom bath/shower

Terrace and parking in front of the door

Max 2 persons


House of the Raven

2 separate bedrooms, each with a double bed and a bunk bed.

2 bathrooms with shower.

Equipped kitchen.

Storage space.

Large furnished terrace with garden.

Total for 8 people


Practical information


If you wish to sit together to eat, this is possible

-"the House of the Raven" (up to 10 people at the current table, a table can also be added or you can choose to first feed the children together and then the adults)

-or on your terrace

-or in the play area, where there is a private kitchen, toilet and tables and benches for 20 people.

-You can also opt to rent the covered hangar, so that you can sit outside together even in bad weather.

Practical information

There are several places here where you can all be together.

-The play area, which also has tables and benches for 20 people

-The vegetable garden, where there is also the campfire area and the willow teepee.

-The covered hangar (100m²) where there is also a clubhouse (50m²) with a bar, ideal for getting together in the evening, even in bad weather.

-The covered terrace at "the Raven's house"

-The garden of "the house of the Raven", with a large furnished terrace and garden.

-The house of the Raven itself.


Practical information

Each house is fully equipped and also has its own privacy.

Each house has its own comfort and privacy.

So you can choose to sit together or stay individually in your home.

Each house has an equipped kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, terrace, parking, living room with TV.

Practical information

The neighbourhood:

The farm is located on a low-traffic street, which is why it is possible to cycle, play and ride a go-car on the street, and write on the street with chalk.

Practical information

Animals on the farm

There are pigs, chickens, alpacca's and  rabbits that you can admire and feed if desired.

Practical information

Playroom "Poorthuis"

The use of all available games, including Flemish folk games, arcade computer, table football,... are free.

Open from 8 a.m. to max 12 p.m. 

There is also an extra toilet, kitchen, tables and benches for 20 people.

Practical information


We are not liable for any accidents in and around the smishoeve. The use of the cargo bike, go-cars, pizza oven, wellness and all other extras is at your own responsibility.

De Smishoeve cannot be held liable if we have to cancel your trip for internal reasons.

Practical information

The owner

My name is Steve and I live in the middle of the farm at number 6.

During your stay I will let you enjoy complete freedom, but I am always ready to help you further.

My mission is to ensure you have a pleasant stay.

Practical information


This must be done in advance by bank transfer.

50% upon reservation and the full amount must be on the account 14 days before arrival.

Payment can be made on site in cash and via Payconiq

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